Street food is on the rise

Every festival, virtually every market, and local event these days, you are likely to find a “Street Food Vendor” The Burger Van, and even the old favourite a “Hog Roast” is still popular, but increasingly these days’ people want something different. Mexican stalls, Paella stalls, Caribbean food, and Gourmet food stalls, are all popping up. Often […]


Are you maximising your profit margins?

Are you maximising your profit margins? – When pricing up a menu, you need to make sure you get it right from the very start! Take into account the actual cost of each menu item, from point of purchase to the point it is served to your customer. Include delivery fees, cooking costs, which will include […]


Are you getting ‘bums on seats’ during the quiet months?

Are you getting ‘bums on seats’ during the quiet months? – is a different approach needed?  – January-March are notoriously quiet months in the hospitality industry, and a busy Friday and Saturday does not compensate for a slow mid week. So… how do you get ‘bums on seats’ mid week??  This is one of the main […]